Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Privacy Rights Entitled To You

When it comes to the basic needs of human beings.  you  will come up with things such as food, water, shelter, companionship...but how about privacy?

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When you think about a human being’s basic needs, you probably think of things such as food, water, shelter, companionship...but how about privacy?

Concerning  privacy,  we invariably refer to the right to keep information and thoughts to oneself, as well as the physical space to keep activities to themselves.

There are parts of the world where such a thing is unheard of. How much privacy is there in the slums of Calcutta or the refugee camps in Pakistan?

The importance – dare I say it, the need – for privacy in humans is essential. Perhaps because privacy is essential to our mental well-being rather than our physical well-being it is something that is ignored.

wherever we are , whatever our culture or background, a little bit of privacy, quiet time, space, whatever you want to call it, is as much our right, and as necessary to our health, as bread and water.

 This is stunning , even in the western world where  so much are considered as luxuries by others, how many of us don’t have the luxury of privacy. At home, this is especially true in urban areas and in impoverished areas, but for everyone except those at the highest levels of their field, it is true even at work.

Consider the typical open-plan office: desk to desk, shoulder to shoulder, with a tiny divider between them, or perhaps no office screen at all in the hope of creating ‘an open and creative environment’. Room dividers, in these situations, can provide an ideal compromise to keeping an open space while ensuring people get their privacy when they need it.

Ther are times when people require privacy  from an office screen! Room dividers which can be wheeled in and out, for times when meetings need to take place or important phone calls made, can make all the difference to someone’s work life.

 If privacy at work is ignored , why is your own office considered such a perk?


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