Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guitar- How about you learn to play guitar to feel like an expert?

The guitar is one of the most versatile musical instruments, and can take it almost anywhere and play it almost every type of music. What are you waiting for to learn to play guitar? You don’t even need to spend much money. Here you will learn to play the G major chord, which is one of the most common.

Remember to:
•           Get a guitar
•           Use both hands
•           Master little patience
•           Get a device to record

Getting started

If you search for online guitar lessons, you will be able to learn many specifics. For instance, you will begin by reviewing some terms found space on the arm of the guitar are called frets, while the name of the arm is "pitch." On guitar, the first string is always the highest pitch and is located in the lowest position.

Basic Steps

Take your guitar and put it on your leg. Find the position that feels most comfortable for your back, trying to keep as straight as possible and at the same time, trying to keep their arms and fingers without tension. This is imperative so you can learn to play guitar properly.


Place your left index finger on the fifth string, second fret. Then, put the middle finger of one hand on the sixth string, third fret. Finally, put the ring on the first string, also at the third fret. Make sure you're pressing only one string with each finger. Use your right hand to touch all the strings, up and down several times to verify that each one delivers a clean sound. You can use the pinky finger instead of over the top rope, trying to find a way that's most convenient for you.


Another way to make the chord is G major by means of a nut, which involves placing your index finger of his left hand on all the strings of the third fret. This is not so hard, pretty much all online guitar lessons will emphasize on such thing. Then you should put the finger on the third string, fourth fret, and third finger on the fifth string to the fifth fret and the pinky on the fourth string, also at the fifth fret.


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