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Internet Marketing Secrets

Internet Marketing Secrets

There are many pitfalls and wrong turns to be encountered and dealt with on the road to successful Internet marketing. The good news is that you can make undreamed of riches online if you are willing to learn how to do it right.
For those of you considering a vocation in web marketing, you should be aware that there are a lot of traps and dead ends before you can profit at all on the Internet. You have to have persons who are informed on the subject, who actually make lots of bucks online, to lead you through the mine field of missteps to success.
There are literally crowds of self-made web marketing “gurus” just waiting to sell you their advice, schemes, instruction programs, software and the like. Once you obtain something from one of them, you will be beleaguered by email marketing from many of them urging you to buy the latest e-book, class or software that supposedly will guide you without delay to the vaults of Fort Knox.
I am not saying that these so-called web marketing gurus are not making money online but  most of them are
just offering you bits and pieces of the puzzle or old, outdated  schemes that no longer work. The web is a fast evolving marketplace with enormous competition for whatever you want to put up for sale.  Identifying a small, distinctive niche means less competition but it also may mean that not many persons are actively looking for the thing that you are promoting.
The trick is to find a web marketing niche that has a lot of queries but relatively little competition. You can use a keyword research tool site like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see the number of recent queries (sorted in descending order). To easily locate the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, just do a Google search for “keywords tool.” It will be the one at the top of the first page.
If you do not yet have a Google Gmail account, open one. The username and password you create while doing so will be your ticket of admission to all Google online services. It’s best to access the Google Adwords Keyword Tool from inside the Google system, although you can also access it from without. When you get into it from the inside, you are given all of the possible keywords, not just the top one hundred. If you re-sort in ascending order in an external search, you will be shown only the bottom one hundred. If there were 300 possible keywords, you would never see the middle one hundred.  Your best keywords are often in the middle; so, always take a minute to go inside for an internal search in order to ascertain all of the possible keywords. It’s free of charge, either way.
Now, do a regular Google query for each likely keyword to establish the amount of competing pages for each keyword. To find this figure, look directly under the Google search box (less than 5 million pages is a good number.) If you can find a keyword that passes the test in both categories (high search and low competition) you may have found an acceptable web marketing niche. Other, interrelated keywords will be listed on the Google Adwords keyword research site along with the one you searched for and some of those may satisfy both criteria, as well.
Next, you have to find an existing, in-demand product (physical or informational) to market to your web marketing slot. You can make your own item for consumption or find one to retail online.  You can identify drop shippers of physical products at drop ship directories like or you can find informational and software services or products to sell on On ClickBank, you can either become a vendor to sell your own product(s) or be an affiliate or promote other people’s services or products.
 If you want to be a vendor, you will need to build your own web site or pay someone else to design and construct a site for you. You will have to register a domain name for that web site and then pay a company like or to host it for you on one of their servers.
Once you have reached this point, you are only partially there. You still have to advertise and promote your site or no one will even be aware that it is there. Here’s where the real web marketing work comes in. You must understand all the things you can do for the purposes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) including writing articles for article submission sites in order to produce one-way, inbound links to your site. You can also register yourself on various web sites, forums, blogs and educational (.edu) blogs and leave comments and inbound links there.
You will discover the pros and cons of paid vs. free ads to promote your site. You will learn how to use “squeeze pages” to develop profitable targeted email lists. You may also want to build a blog on or on and post links from that to your web site or affiliate page.
You will have to find major ways to lure online traffic to your web site, blog or to an affiliate landing page and you will learn that qualified, highly-targeted traffic is the only online traffic that is worth going after. Highly-targeted traffic means people who are very interested in the very kind of product or service you are selling and are ready to buy right now. Would you have more luck selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo in an igloo or to a man in Florida whose old refrigerator just burned out and who needs a new fridge before all his food spoils?
At this time, you are probably beginning to see that web marketing success requires more than turning your computer into a cash machine with a big red “dispense free money” button. If you are discouraged at this point, I don’t blame you but here’s the good news:
There are a noteworthy number of individuals who, by determined work or good fortune, have found a way (or ways) to set themselves up to make huge amounts of revenue online each day, month after month, year after year. Most of them are oriented towards selling you a small part of what they know about web marketing for a cost (but not all of what they know) for fear that you will become their competition. This is reasonable but, does not, in itself, help you find your way through the mine field and to the door of the money vault.
There are some Internet marketing gurus who have a better attitude and are oriented towards selling you their expertise for a reasonable expense. They were once where you are now and they sincerely want to help. They know that your pockets are not exploding with cash like theirs are now and so they will keep their fee within easy reach to just about any person who is willing to learn and work. You still won’t get all the parts to the puzzle in one place (although their sales pitches will make it look like you can), but with some exploration and patience you will be able to find all the working parts and assemble them.
Look for various helpful web marketing gurus. They are around and they will frequently have fast ways for you to make immediate money on the web to jump-start you while you are studying all they have to teach you on the subject of Internet marketing. Be warned again that most so-called “gurus” are promoting outdated approaches or computer programs that just cannot work out for you in the long run. Navigating through this mine field takes time, conscious awareness and persistence,
Nonetheless, you can find the financial rewards you seek in the not-too-distant future as you take the time to learn and implement the knowledge you have accumulated. Knowledge is everything. Learn from persons who actually know how to market online, who are actually making genuine money on the net themselves (and can corroborate that) and who are oriented towards help you get started for a reasonable price tag.
I hope you realize the fact that, in this article, I have given you some very beneficial information which I obtained as I, like you, walked down the road to web success. It’s a great road and it can lead to undreamed of riches, if you NEVER GIVE UP and if you are receptive to the idea of learning from the wrong turns you are bound to make. Just keep your eye on the goal at the end of the road. When something doesn't work out, find out why and learn from that.  Each step of the journey, you will be absorbing more and more, giving you the information you will have to have to get where you are headed. Here's to your online marketing success!
© 2011 Robert M. Gillespie , Jr.
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