Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guitar- Learn to play guitar so you can delight anyone with amazing melodies

Maybe there's a song you want to play, so don’t waste more time and learn to play guitar now! If you do not even know how to play the chord of A major, don’t panic! Here are all the necessary steps to fully achieve this.

Remember you will need:
·         A Guitar
·         A Guitar Plectrum
·         A Guitar strap or a place to sit
To start
Put the guitar strap if you stopped playing, or choose a comfortable chair if you prefer to play seated. Believe it or not, all the online guitar lessons will emphasize on the proper position.
To learn to play guitar, start by placing the index finger of your left hand on the fourth string, second fret. Your finger must be located on the third string, second fret- your finger on the second string, second fret.
These instructions are for right-handed guitarists. If you are left hand people, you should use the fingers of your right hand to play the notes of the fret-board and the left hand to strum! Place the thumb of your left hand on the back of the pitch for stability. Arch your fingers and not supported in other strings, causing a sound covered.
Safety tips
Initially, the tips of your fingers can hurt you when you play chords on the guitar. You should not feel discouraged. Once you develop calluses on the tips of your fingers, it will be easier to play chords. It may sound strange but online guitar lessons professionals usually claim such statement! In addition, with your right hand, strum all the strings except the sixth, which is the most serious.
Do not forget
Make sure not to strum the strings too hard as it will go out of tune.
Note- The chord of A major is one of the three chords used in the popular song "The Last Time" by the Rolling Stones. By learning two open chords, D major and E major, you can play this memorable song and impress your friends.


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