Monday, April 18, 2011

5 Things You Should Always Be Doing

The key to being successful in your business is time management.  You have to set yourself apart from the hobby mentality and use your time wisely.  There are only five things you have to do to be successful.  This is the first phase of the system.

#1 PROSPECTING  This is the cornerstone of your business.  Constantly ask yourself this question “how often does someone ask you about your business opportunity or products”.  The answer will let you know if you are prospecting enough.  You can prospect either online or offline the key is in the numbers.  I always keep in mind some will some won’t so what, next!

#2 PRESENTING   Once you have a prospect that is excited you can either give the presentation yourself or get them something to watch or listen too.  The key to presenting is listening.  Use their hotspots to find solutions to their problems.  Most people start in business because they want more freedom and need more money.  How is your business going to help them?  If they show excitement about one of your products then focus your attention on that.  If you gave them a video or phone call to listen too, this is very important.  Call them back, don’t wait for them to call you.

#3 SIGNING UP  After the presentation take their temperature.  “So, Jo-Jo, on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being no way this is not for me and 10 being that’s awesome sign me up, were do you rate yourself?”  If they are below a 4 I would say good bye, have a nice day.  If they’re between 5-8, I would ask them, “Do you have questions about a particular   area”  Good time to dig and ask questions to find out whats holding them back.  If they are 8+ I would gather their info and sign them up and if they are hesitant this is a great person to get on a three way call with your up-line.  Sometimes just another voice can help answer their questions and ease their skepticism.  IMPORTANT!!  Your job is not over.  This is where so many people drop the ball and lose their team.

#4 TRAINING  This is my personal favorite.  Most people fail to do this all important step.    The problem is you can’t assume that a new sign up knows how to do anything.  Teach them the minimum skill level needed to complete the task.  Teach them this system and stick to a system and they will learn to teach it to their new signups. Network marketing is about using the power of leverage.  If they know how to do something they will be more likely to actually do it.  You will be able to grow a  huge and profitable organization if you teach this simple system.  But wait your not finished.

#5 PROSPECTING   Your probably thinking you already talked about this one.  Well like I said before prospecting is the cornerstone of your business and if people stop asking you about your opportunity and products then your business is stagnate  and no longer growing.  Never stop prospecting and balance your time between training and prospecting.  The great part when you first start you don’t have to balance anything all you need to focus on is prospecting.  When you start signing up business partners you will need to balance your time wisely.  Just remember teach this simple system and keep it simple and never stop prospecting and you will see your check grow and your team grow.


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